Privacy Policy of

Effective Date: Sep 20th 2023

Welcome to the nexus of style and comfort: As stewards of your sartorial choices, we also champion the sanctity of your privacy. Herein lies our curated Privacy Manifesto, articulated with the finesse and clarity worthy of our discerning clientele.

1. Preamble By sauntering through the digital corridors of, you signify your accord with our practices. Should they not resonate with your ethos, we respectfully suggest refraining from use.

2. The Tapestry of Data We Weave

  • Direct Emissaries: When you christen an account, acquire our products, or subscribe to our chronicles, we meticulously note personal identifiers: your name, communication coordinates, domicile details, and pecuniary instruments. These serve as conduits for our symphony of services.

  • Digital Footprints: Employing cookies and modern-day auguries, we discern your online ballet — product predilections, pages perused, and the device’s signature. This alchemy refines your rendezvous with our digital atelier.

3. The Alchemy of Your Data

  • The Art of Commerce: Crafting seamless transactions and ensuring your acquisitions find their way home.
  • Missives and Chronicles: Dispatching updates, epistles of inspiration, and tales of new arrivals, always honoring your subscription’s compass.
  • Continual Renaissance: Evolving our digital realm for a richer, more immersive tapestry of experiences.
  • Guardianship: Safeguarding our sanctuary and its inhabitants from the specter of malfeasance.

4. Sharing the Narrative

Your personal annals are sacrosanct. On rare occasions, we entrust snippets to select artisans (like couriers) who play pivotal roles in our operatic dance of commerce.

5. Your Sovereign Commands

  • Digital Confections (Cookies): Command your browser’s discretion — to accept or decline. Yet, be forewarned of potential alterations in your digital experience.
  • Opting for Silence: Our epistles come with an exit — the “unsubscribe” portal, offering tranquility when sought.
  • Your Digital Manuscripts: Patrons with an account can peruse and refine their chronicles at will.

6. The Bastion of Data

With a fortress of cutting-edge encryption and safeguards, we stand sentinel against any unheralded intrusions or revelations.

7. Realms Beyond Our Domain may serendipitously lead you to distant shores (other websites). Their charters and credos lie beyond our purview — always peruse with discernment.

8. For Our Younger Connoisseurs

Our atelier is designed for the mature cognoscente, not for young minds under 13. Should we inadvertently weave their tales into our tapestry, we shall promptly and gracefully unpick them.

9. The Evolution of Our Charter

The world is in flux, and so might our manifesto be. Revelations will be unfurled here, and momentous ones heralded through our customary channels.

10. The Scribe’s Quill Awaits

For musings, clarifications, or a simple tête-à-tête about this manifesto or your woven tales, the scribe’s quill is ever poised at [email protected].