Trending slipper's and Rugs is a family run company whose traditions date's back two generations. In around the early nineties we began to manufacture decorative sheepskin rugs and handmade slippers made of natural leather. The art of tanning has been passed down from generation to generation and thanks to that is the reason this has remained the case to the present day. 


We combine Traditional Tannery method's with modern technologies to bring you the finest, high quality, environmentally friendly product's that will grace any interior and create a warm, snug atmosphere on a cold wet day. 


Trending slippers and Rugs are manufactured in a picturesque village in the south of Poland close to the famous TATRA mountain Range.


Following ever-changing fashion trend's we are constantly introducing new designs, colours, using varying types of leather. In our collection, you will find skins from the most distant corners of the world along with those sourced close to home from the Polish Tatra mountains. 

We offer leathers from Reindeer, Fallow deer, and  Argentinian or European Cow, We import raw sheepskins from Sweden, England and the Netherlands. 


Remember that each skin is different and has its own unique and original pattern, no two skins are the same offering you a unique one of a kind exclusive product that your friends will be envious of. 


Today Leather has become an extremely fashionable addition to any living room or bedroom, whether lying on the floor in front of the fireplace, draped over the bed or even hanging on the wall giving a warm romantic atmosphere to your home and make a priceless gift. 


Tanning leather is our trade, it has been for generations, we know the material, which is animal skin, we use traditional and friendly techniques throughout the whole formation process to enhance the product making it beautiful, fluffy and shiny. 


Leather is a timeless, luxurious accessory, its elegance and grace will give a unique feel to any interior with a range of colours to suit all styles of decoration and taste. 


Our vast knowledge and constant pursuit of perfection makes our products unrivalled to others.