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  • Our Best Seller, Shearling Shepskin, Healthy Feet, Warm Feet
  • Materials: 100% Sheepskin Relugan, Rubber Outsole
  • Made From High Quality Materials From Italy


  • These slippers are a perfect choice for everyone who likes to keep their feet HEALTHY

    Natural 100% Sheepskin Shearling perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture, while remaining very dry.

    The foot is not deformed and shoes breathe.

    The wool is rich in lanolin which brings relief from rheumatism, radiculitis and other diseases of the muscles and joints, as well as accelerating the healing of wounds and fractures.

    handmade very good quality - outsite made from NATURAL LEATHER and undersite made from 100% WOOL

    Upper – Natural 100% Sheepskin Shearling
    Very healthy foot does not sweat
    Outer sole – Comfort rubber which makes them really lightweight and comfortable
    Packed in a protective letter or a package

    Perfect around the house - easy slip on shoe. Fashionable Pattern

    New in the footwear industry!
    Price for one pair!
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