GIANT SHEEPSKIN Iceland Black Throw Genuine leather Sheep Skin 52 "x 32" Decorative rug black comfy, cozy, hair is very thick, shiny !

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  • Handmade Item
  • Materials: Wool, Sheep Skin, Natural Leather, Genuine Leather
  • Made Only EU
  • Ships Worldwide


  • • • • • High-grade natural Icelandic Rug • • • • •

We present you with high-quality Icelandic sheepskin - the product is made with attention to even the smallest detail. A fully exclusive product. This model, due to its rarity, can be classified as a luxury product. What distinguishes Icelandic sheepskin from competing models is primarily a long, thick, shiny and extremely fluffy coat.

♥ The delicate well sturdy structure is extremely pleasing to the touch. Such a carpet on the floor will make any interior cosy and warm. In a classic living room, a sheepskin spread before a fireplace will give the decor a touch of luxury. An Icelandic carpet will perfectly complement a stylish, fashionable interior in any apartment. And it works not only on the floor - as an elegant rug, but also on the sofa, an armchair and a fireplace ... in the original decoration ♥

  • • • • • Basic information • • • • •
  • Dimensions: 130 cm x 80 cm (52 "x 32")
  • Fur coat up to 18cm (4 "- 7")
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Bottom: bottom layer is white


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Natural Icelandic sheepskin neutralizes harmful substances in the air and reduces odours. This product is safe, secure and proven. High-quality workmanship guarantees many years of faithful service in our home. The skin does not have any impurities - it is completely safe for health and life.


  • • • • • Why choose our product? • • • • •


This product is a LUXURY good, and thus also RARE.

  • The whole product is 100% NATURAL.
  • The Rug can serve as an ORIGINAL decoration, ornament for a fireplace or a stylish spread for a bed, sofa or armchair.
  • Our 100% natural Rug is processed using only safe and environmentally FRIENDLY tanning
  • Longer hair up to 18cm
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